I wish someday even I’ll be interviewed..

I come accross a news via twitter that GNOME interviewed Gavin Ferris. He helped in raising the funds for GNOME’s security and privacy enhancements to $20,000. He is been asked few questions, like since how long he is using GNU/LINUX? Why he chose to donate to GNOME? He answered all those questions very generously that only six years of experience makes him to decide to contribute in GNOME. He likes few things about GNOME that it provides distro and vendor independent framework, also a supportive and structured platform for the programmers. When he was asked his favorite thing about GNOME, he answered that he liked the shell extensions architecture the most.

Gavin Ferris

Gavin Ferris

He wish to see GNOME in mobile phones and tablets in future. Great!!
Thank you and hats off to Mr. Gavin Ferris and all those who make such great things like GNOME to become reality. In the end it is money which make things possible because money matters indeed!!


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