Be cautious while upgrading to the newer version

Last to last Sunday I got the notification on my ubuntu 13.04 to upgrade to 13.10. As I always require the newer versions to be there in order to do the documentation help for GNOME. I decided to upgrade the ubuntu to the newer version that is 13.10 and waited for all the updates to download. In the morning when I got up there was a message that all the updates are done and restart your system. I was very happy to get the newer version at my end. But when my system restarted this is what I could see.


The system is running in low-graphics mode. 😦 !!

I tried very very hard to get back it to normal but of little use. I only had command line to try all the combination and permutations of the commands.  The worst part is that I know nothing about how to install an OS on the system. It may not have been such a big problem if I knew it before. To get my system formatted I went  to the market. It cost me Rs. 800. The work which could have been done free of cost. I am really facing a great problem these days.

I do not take rest till I have achieved my goal once set. I have fedora 19 installed in the virtual box but what I need is fedora 20. I will install it myself at the booting time of the system and will shortly write my next blog with title “How to install Linux”.






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