Makar Sakranti

Makar Sakranti, celebrated on 14 January all over India with different names and ways. In Jaipur,Rajasthan, it is a kite flying festival with other rituals practiced by the females. Approximately after Diwali (a festival of lights falls in the month of Oct or Nov) children start playing kite flying . I am not writing this post only because it is a kite flying festival here again. Also because I used to love this festival even more than Diwali or any other famous festivals celebrated in Northern India. All the general store shops opens a special stall for the kites and manjha (a special thread for kite flying coated with glass powder to cut the rivals kite) just after the Diwali festival is over.



It is considered as a boys sport but who cares. It was my favorite sport too. I used to enjoy flying kites high in the sky during my childhood days. I really love looking up in the sky, studded with the colorful kites. Specially when two kites fight and one floats free after being struck and cut down by the other and there are chances that it can come and drop in my house. 😛


Our school used to start at 9.30 am and get over at 3.30 pm after the Diwali festival as the days start becoming colder and shorter. The school was at 10 min walk from our home. Just after putting our bags off and changing the school uniform my younger brother, sister and me are out for kite adventure. Our two elder sisters and the mother keep yelling “come on in, get inside the home”. Yes, we are four sisters and a brother. 😉 But it is only the sun which could let me in, when it is dark and one could hardly see any other kite flying out. 🙂


On other days our father used to come at 4.00 am to wake us up and make us study. Hell! I used to hate to get up so early to look at those boring copies and books every morning. But on 14 January I get happily up to study to simply please our father. Eagerly waiting for the dawn. With dawn we could clearly hear the noise outside woh katta woh maara (excitement after cutting the opponents kite) and the excuse to go out. Sky look completely different on this beautiful day with kites of various colors, designs, shapes and sizes from dawn till dusk. Everybody in the families, indifferently, could be seen on the roof of their houses. Sun shining bright with chilly air. Music system with full volume with the latest numbers. Happiness all around make me feel ecstatic.


Love you Makar Sakranti and miss you too. Thanks for all the wonderful memories I have associated with you.


One thought on “Makar Sakranti

  1. We used to do kite battles in Bangalore. Best fun ever. Although I don’t think we ever celebrated this holiday in South India.

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