Notes help

Notes Aka bijiben help is developed under three sections as follows:

  • Create notes
  • Edit and share notes
  • Delete notes

Create notes

A note can be created in three different ways. A note can be created from scratch, using some text from another application or from another note. You can rename a note by simply changing the text in the first row. To search a note is very simple, in New and Recent press the search button. As you start typing the search term you can view the search results instantly below your search term.

Edit and share notes

This section  explains the ways in which a user can edit notes, email a note to his/her contacts and create notebooks in order to make searching and sorting notes easy.

Delete notes

In order to remove the older and unwanted notes, a user can delete them. Notes gives its users the facility to move single or multiple notes and notebooks to trash.

 My Contribution to Notes Help

I enjoyed working on Notes help as it is my first application as a maintainer. I have edited almost all the pages and created few help pages too, such as Introduction, rename a note and cut-copy-paste. Introduction to Notes is my favorite page.It contains Notes screenshot by simply looking at which gives a feel that it is a cool, simple and cute application as it is intended to be.

Notes Screenshot

Notes Screenshot

All my contributions can be seen here.

The only thing which I want in Notes is that it should also include flowcharts or diagrams. As general notes also includes rough diagrams and geometric figures.

An image is worth a thousand words – Napoleon Bonaparte


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