gedit 3.12

I will have to wait till gnome-music gets stabilized to write its help. In the mean time my mentor Ekaterina Gerasimova (kittykat) suggested me to work on gedit (GNOME text editor)or evince (Document viewer). I simply typed the command jhbuild build gedit in the terminal. I could successfully build gedit 3.12. As its user interface has undergone a huge change its help will have to be updated accordingly.

When I run the command jhbuild run gedit, a new window opened as shown below in the screeshot.

gedit 3.12

gedit 3.12

Yes, It is a screen shot for gedit 3.12. A brand new, cool and a simplified look. The gedit’s new avatar does not include File, Edit, View, Search, Tools and Documents menus. Instead it has buttons to open, create and save files and all the other important functions are included in the gear icon button as drop down list. I am wondering can I use mouse to perform cut-copy-paste. It could be very difficult for new users as they may not know the keyboard shortcuts for cut-copy-paste. Our documentation help can reduce this tension to a great extend. 🙂 UI for new version and the older version of gedit could be easily compared with the image below:

gedit 3.8.3

gedit 3.8.3

whatever are the differences I am enjoying updating the help for gedit’s new UI.





6 thoughts on “gedit 3.12

  1. One thing stikes me on the first screenshot of the new gedit: the messsage “unsaved document 1” appears twice. I find it bad as it is redundant, eats precious space.

    In fact you could dispense yourself of the tab bar when you have only one document in gedit.

    Or does Gnome have another nice solution to this ?

  2. Hi, I am a second year computer engineering student from Bangalore and wanted to apply for the OPW internship. Can you please advice me about how I should go about approaching this and what steps do I need to take? If you could pass on any contact information it would be really helpful.

    • Hi Himani, If you are interested in gnome documentation you should join channel #docs on the network GimpNet on xchat. xchat is the best medium to communicate with the people related to the projects of your interest.
      all the best.

    • Hi! felixurbina,

      You can change the background color by clicking on gedit icon near Activities on the top of your window.
      Select Preferences, click on ‘fonts and colors’. Now, select the color that suits your taste from ‘Color Scheme’ list.
      Enjoy gediting 🙂

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