gnome-music started playing for me :)

I am writing help for gnome-music as my opw internship project. My mentor reviewed my patches. I pushed them all without music. I was very upset because if something doesn’t works properly, it hurts.

Vadim Rutkovsky (IRC nick-vrutkovs) already has helped me that how I can make gnome-music work but I failed. I was following Jackson Isaac at gnome-music channel, he was having the same problem few days back. He too was looking for help in #gnome-music. Suddenly, yesterday i.e. Monday, 10 march 2014, he told #gnome-music that he can play music on gnome-music now. Indeed, it was a great news for people like me who is struggling since last three months. Out of curiosity, I asked him how he did this? Thanks to nice people on the channel for their ready to help attitude.

I could get no success yesterday. When I get connected to the GimpNet network and joined #gnome-music today, JacksonIsaac himself queried if I could play any music. My response was negative. As I told my problem to him he probably sensed where I was wrong. His tip worked and I am really very happy.

To make gnome-music play songs using Jhbuild

After building gnome-music using:

$Jhbuild build gnome-music

You still need to build following gstreamer plugins to make gnome-music play songs for you:




*I got success in building gst-plugins-good and gst-plugins-bad.

but gst-plugins-ugly was troubling me. Everytime I tried to build gst-plugins-ugly it says Module ”gst-plugins-ugly” could not be found.

When I told about this problem to Jackson Isaac he asked me whether I have configured jhbuildrc correctly or not. i.e. it has the following line in it or not:

moduleset = 'gnome-world-3.12'

As I added the above statement to my jhbuildrc file which in .config folder, I once again tried to build gst-plugins-ugly. To my surprise, It started building šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

I ran gnome-music using:

$jhbuild run gnome-music

Yay! There is no stop or minus sign against every song and I can play any song just by clicking on it.

screenshot with stop sign

screenshot with stop sign

Screenshot without stop sign

Screenshot without stop sign

Thanks to #gnome-music to make me play my favorite songs on this wonderful application. I welcome suggestions from the development team if I still need something more to add to make music play and help others too. šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “gnome-music started playing for me :)

  1. Work on something thats more challenging and rewarding. At your level you should be writing more code than contributing to gnome help etc

    • hjg, thanks! I am thinking of moving in that direction too. šŸ™‚
      I love doing challenging things, even learning documentation was equally challenging for me.
      happy to be a part of this wonderful world of GNOME and open source, I have a feeling that I am at right place at right time.
      “miles to go before I sleep….”

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