GUADEC 2014, Strasbourg, France: My first ever foreign visit

Last week from 26 July – 1 Aug 2014, I was at GNOME’s annual event GUADEC this time organized in Strasbourg, France a WOW city. I got the opportunity to meet people who really work hard to make GNOME a reality, who brings life to GNOME. Before going to GUADEC, I used to know these computing wizards just by names and IRC nicks, and few of them by pics on internet. The venue was EPITECH, a software engineering school, Located at 4 rue du dome situated in the heart of Strasbourg, venue is at the about 300 meters away from the Cathedral, again a magnificent piece of art.



When I first entered the venue on Saturday, It was lunch time so there were not many people. The first person I met I remember was Andre Klapper, from Czech Republic a cool dude. Then I ran upstairs on the second floor I met Ekaterina Gerasimova, a member Board of Directors, my OPW internship mentor, I got the warm welcome from her. kittykat reporting on GNOME Docs Project In spite of being busy organizing things, she herself took me to Foyer de l’Étudiant Catholique (FEC), the place where sponsored people were supposed to stay, located within walking distance of the conference venue (400 metres). I loved the place as for me it was no less than a wonderland.



From 26 – 29 July,  sharp 9.45 am – 4.45 pm, we had talk sessions each of the which were very inspiring, informative and interesting. One of the sessions by Sri Ramkrishna  on the topic “GNOME Outreach: a report from the war nobody is participating in” which I miss I really wish I were there.

After 5.00 pm we used to hang around for sight seeing, picnic, dinner etc.

GNOME.Asia team's report

GNOME Foundation member Emily Chen, who works with engagement team, she successfully organized GNOME.Asia this year and also brought sponsorship for GUADEC 2014. Co-incidentally she was residing in the room next to me. We were going together into our rooms, while entering in our respective rooms, suddenly, she said”Oh! we are neighbors”, Then I realized true dear, we are neighbors indeed because of the geographical boundaries of our countries too and I was smiling deep inside my heart.


On the last day of my GUADEC trip that is 31 July, I spent gala time with Julita, I thank you Julita for your time.

On 1 Aug at 8.15 am I had to board my bus from grand Centrale, Strasbourg to Frankfurt, Germany, to my surprise I met JeffFortin he told me that he had twittered the last night that if anybody is going to board the same. Anyways, We went together from Strasbourg to Frankfort Airport, he is an amazing personality, he highly value work and time, he took out his laptop start making his fingers dance on the keypad.


He gave me information about few very good tools in Linux like powertop for checking power consumption, GNOME commander for managing files. He within no time created a new application to calculate total time spent over a project as he is very particular about the accuracy. He is a gentleman, he helped me to get the boarding pass form a machine about which I had no idea as it was my first trip outside India.

Over all GUADEC 2014 was awesome!! Hats off GNOME you rocks!!!



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