GNOME.Asia summit 2015

Congratulations!! GNOME.Asia summit 2015 team, you are a grand success!!!!!


Every moment spent was mesmerizing in the summit. Day 0, 7th May 2015 Thursday was the workshop day in the auditorium of the Computer Science Department. Presentations by Andika Triwidada on “GNOME Indonesia Translation”, Akshai M for “MicroHOPE(Micro-controllers for Hobby Projects and Education)”, David King on “Writing your first GNOME application”, and Ekaterina Gerasimova, Alexandre Franke on the topic “How to make your first contribution” were out of the box informative.

DSC00061             IMG_20150507_110623640                IMG_20150507_131845285_HDR IMG_20150507_145535165

At 8.30 am, 8th May Friday, Day 1 of GNOME Asia Summit 2015 started in ecstatic Balairung, a huge hall with capacity of about 800 people.IMG_20150508_091348121 IMG_20150508_085918482

Just after the warm reception for 30 minutes GNOME.Asia summit was started with the welcome speech by Ekaterina Gerasimova from the GNOME Team and by madam Mirna Adriani, PhD (Dean of computer science faculty) from the Local Team. Madam Mirna Adriani declared the summit open by ringing the bell. She informed that they declare every auspicious occasion open by doing so, as we lit Diya and offers prayer to goddess of knowledge Saraswati in India. At 9.30 am it was keynote speech by Mr Aidil Chendramata, Ministry of Communication and Informatics. I could not believe my eyes that the person from ministry can be so simple with an assistant only and no security or bodygaurd. I could not understand a single word from his speech as he was speaking in his native language but Andre said Mr Aidil Chendramata was very comfortable at speaking German as well that means he is a polyglot and highly knowledgeable person. hats off!!

DSC00080After one more keynote speech by Mohammad Anwari and three lightning talks in Indonesian language there was a relaxing lunch break of two hour. Talk sessions started  again at 1.30 pm. I attended Andre’s Talk in the conference room #1. He talked on the topic “Get started contributing to GNOME by Triaging Bug Reports”. He emphasized that it is the easiest way to contribute to GNOME


for those who cannot code and wish to contribute.  They can triage bugs and reduce project maintainers hassles and become GNOME contributors.

Next talk scheduled at 2.15 pm by Shing Yuan Chen was “Promote FOSS Education to remote Areas in Taiwan and China” in the same conference room #1 of the capacity of 100 people. We had a tea break just after Shing Yuan Chen’s talk for 30 minutes. Now it is my turn to speak that is scheduled at 3.30 pm, my first ever international talk on the topic “It is Really Challenging to Move People From Windows to Linux”. I was emotionless (neither nervous nor excited) but was happy from inside that there were many people around to attend it. It was a fantastic experience and made me learn a lot.

Yes, Emily Chen you were really missed. It was fun meeting lively Max Huang and the complete GNOME team. I have to come back on 9th May 2015, Saturday that was the second the day of GNOME.Asia summit. I really wished that I were there for the complete program and spend more time learning GNOME. 



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