#pychill this summer

I got a mail from Satyaakam saying :
     “We will be doing a summer workshop for kids in a school you can read more about the workshop from here
i am looking for volunteers , suggestions , any other schools/colleges  interested in such initiatives can get in touch with me .

Satyaakam.netfossevents.in |”

Apeejay School Noida  'Soaring hi is my nature'

Apeejay School Noida ‘Soaring high is my nature’

​ ​

I found it as good opportunity to interact with the kids of age group 13-15 from 6-9 grade. I sent a mail to Sir Satyaakam that I can contribute one day with the students. He asked about my suggestions on the topics. I told him that I can talk about the ‘open standards and open source’ and ‘how to contribute to open source’? 26 May 2015, Tuesday was fixed for me to visit Apeejay School Noida sector 16A. I reached the school sharp at 7.40 am. We went to the classes on first floor. It was a group of 16 students .Suddenly  at 8.00 O Clock. Speakers installed in the Lab started saying ‘get ready for the prayers’ and the student joined hands and closed their eyes and started chanting the prayers along with the speakers. It continued for 5 minutes. Just after the prayers we started with our program scheduled for the day. Satyaakam sir first revised with the students the things they discussed the day before. Students could recall 90% of the information given to them, like  what is the difference between the producer and the consumers, what is WWW, DNS? and how to write blogs using kidsblog.org?

After the brief brush up Satyaakam sir introduced me to the bright and charming #pychill group. He told them that I am going to deliver a talk on the topic open standards and open source and then How to contribute to open source. I had prepared a small presentation for the kids with all the beautiful open source project icons and images. They were looking very excited and keen to know more about the open source and things related to it.They responding to the queries and also asked questions like who and why started the open source movement? if we can change the source code then what happens to the copyrights of the original coder? Where did open source software creators manage to bear the expenses? etc.
then I discussed the various ways to contribute to open source projects. It was surprising that few of them are already contributing on Wikipedia. Then I displayed a image full of logos with open source projects. They instantly started recognizing the icons.  They could successfully  identify the logo of python, mozilla firefox, ubuntu, Linux, android, mediawiki, php and drupal.
Screenshot from 2015-05-28 13:40:47
When I asked by pointing at GNOME’s logo, they said they have seen it, but don’t know about it. Then I gave a brief introduction about the desktop environments and how and why GNOME is  useful?
We discussed bugs, translations, documentation and meritocracy. They all were actively participating at every stage.
That’s it on my part. It was then 9.20 am, Stayaakam sir arrived and again discussed with the group about all they have learned in the session. We also cleared the meaning of FREE in open source terminology. The students were then asked to go to their computer systems and write a blog on that day’s session.
Student writing blog after the talk session

Satyakaam sir helping student writing blog after the talk session

Students were looking happy and keen to know more on open source. I of course was enjoying every moment spend with the kids. After about 25 minutes we all gathered as a group. Students shared their talents by singing and playing guitar.
After a small photo session we call it a day. A memorable day.

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