GNOME.Asia summit 2016

Hi! Friends,

I am really feeling happy about sharing the great news that GNOME.Asia 2016 is going to held in New Delhi NCR, India


and the venue is Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad which is located at New Delhi-Surajkund Road.


Its been more than 2 years from now that I am associated with GNOME. I came to know about GNOME through GNOME’s OPW (Outreach Program for Women). I was an OPW(7th round) Documentation Intern. I enjoyed writing help pages for Notes(Bijiben), Music and gedit. GNOME is one of the best things that has happened to my life. I got to make friends with wonderful people here and of course learned alot about the power and potentials of open source software projects like GNOME.

While at GUADEC 2014, Strasbourg, France I met Emily Chen GNOME.Asia’s engagement team member. I got to know about GNOME.Asia annual summit that is used to held in one of the cities in Asia. I inquisitively asked that can we organize GNOME.Asia in my city i.e. New Delhi, India as well. She told that the bid for the GNOME.Asia proposal is announced every year in the month of Aug-Sept. Anybody from the Asian countries can bid to organize the conference. One of the proposals that is announced as the the winner gets the opportunity to organize the summit. There I decided that I too am going write the proposal for GNOME.Asia. In the past it has already been held in Beijing(China), HoChiMinh (Vietnam), Taipei (Taiwan), Bangalore (India), Seoul (Korea) and Depok (Indonesia).

I was the part of GNOME.Asia 2015 summit held in Depok(Indonesia). Taking part in workshops, listening to keynote speakers, informative talks and meeting GNOME foundation members all over the world is real fun.

We are now  working to identify the potential local sponsors and the benefits that we are going to offer.

That is it for now. I will come back soon with the new updates.



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