This is on my mind today

When I was young I read one story. It was named ‘sadaa satya bolo’ meaning always tell the truth, The teacher Dronacharya taught his disciples a lesson ‘sadaa satya bolo’. Every student in the class learned the three words. The next day teacher asked the students to tell what they have learned from the last class. Everybody said the well versed without knowing the meaning ‘sadaa satya bolo’. But one student Yudhisthira was quite because he did not understand the meaning of those words, teacher got angry, punished  him and directed him to come prepared next day. The next day again he repeated the same scene by standing quite, every student in the class was laughing at him, some were whispering the answer at his back but Yudhishthira was quite and firm. The Guru gave him the another chance by telling him to come prepared the next day. The another day the class assembled again to watch Yudhishthira’s  reaction, when the teacher asked Yudhishthira to tell the lesson, he was blank , no answer, teacher got furious about his behavior, he could not stop himself from picking up the thin sesam stick and started hitting Yudhishthira’s palm till tears start coming his eyes. He asked him son what is so difficult in it that you could not learn this simple lesson. Yudhishthira replied politely, sir, When I did not understand the meaning of the lesson then how can I tell lie in front of you? The guru Droncharya’s heart filled with affection threw away the stick, hugged the student and said you are my true disciple. Rest all the students have simply crammed the lesson but you have practiced it in life.  That student later became famous with the name Dharam Raja, The righteous king, Yudhishthira.

I really love such small stories from my childhood. I remember a few. Yudhishthira followed his heart, always tell truth which filled him with positive energies, that help him become the great Yudhishthira. He was not afraid of the consequences of not telling the answer, not ashamed in front of the students that what will they think about him but interested in the true meaning of the lesson. What I feel about life is also a lesson struggling knowing its TRUE meaning.


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