POSSE Workshop at University of Bologna, Italy


I attended Professors’ Open Source Software Experience, workshop at Bologna, Italy July 1-2, 2017. It was out of the box wonderful experience. Teacher’s in higher education are working so hard to bring students to HFOSS/FOSS. It was a great pleasure to meet very energetic and hardworking POSSEs’ organizers Heidi Ellis, Gregory Hislop, Stoney Jackson, and Gina Likins in person.


Gregory Hislop giving HFOSS related information to the participants at POSSE, Bologna, Italy, July 2017, courtesy POSSE

It was truly a great feeling to be with the people of the same species like me from all over the world. The participants in the workshop  belonged various to countries like UK, Germany, Swaziland,  Macedonia, Spain, Brazil, Italy, India and so on..

In the workshop we went through many interesting activities. I liked the introduction being done in the very different style. In spite of introducing ourselves we introduced each other. I also enjoyed various sessions related to open source projects understanding. Activities related to git and licensing were also enlightening. I enjoyed every moment of the workshop.

I wish my students to use and contribute to open source projects in return. By now they at least know about open source applications, but how to contribute they still have little clue about it. This is also because of  faculty members too are repulsive to open source software projects. As they have little to zero knowledge about FOSS. They know about open source tools, they are also using these tools to perform their research related activities. But do not know whom and how to contact the maintainers of those tools. It is really a big challenge to bridge the gap. We need to organize many FOSS related activities for the faculty members as well as the students. In this effort, we need the support of open source software communities. As they already are doing great for the students, they are not providing any kind of support to faculty members. I believe faculty members should also be supported in learning about FOSS/HFOSS. Like, may be outreach program for faculty members. As FOSS is new to them as well. If we wish to incorporate FOSS in engineering courses, they are one who will take it into the classrooms perhaps.

I know GNOME community is working hard to help the students and the faculty members together. So that both the entities are on the same platform and enjoy learning Humanitarian FOSS in the classroom. Still there is a long way to go…






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