GNOME.Asia summit 2017

GNOME.Asia summit 2017 was held in Chongqing city of China. The venue was the Chongqing University approximately 90 years old with the vast beautiful Eco-friendly campus. I was invited as one of the speakers. The topic of my speech was “Why FOSS in education make sense?”. The message of my talk was to incorporate the open source in the education system. I believe that faculty members in the computer science department in various Universities around the world should be made aware and practice open source software and also if possible contribute to open source project. This way they can guide their students in the best possible way. They can act as the medium between the student and the open source project mentors as the teachers knows their students well. They can direct their students according to their capabilities and interests. A very good initiative by TeachingOpenSource (TOS) an organization that makes University Instructors and open source communities come together and support students to learn how to contribute to active Humanitarian Free and Libre Open Source (HFOSS) projects. They also organize Professors Open Source Software Experience (POSSE) workshop biannually. This workshop has three stages of participation. Stage one comprises of approximately 20 hours of online activities. Stage two includes a two and a half day face-to-face workshop that makes the participant professors from the various Universities in the world come together. Stage 3 is the ongoing participation in a community of faculty members.

Meg ford, one of the GNOME Foundation board member is working in the direction to bring campus students to contribute to GNOME in collaboration with Mozilla’s Mozilla Campus Club in 20 Universities in USA. If any how we can succeed in bringing “the contribution to an an open source project” as a course with credits in the University programs then we can think of having more young contributors and admirers of Open Source Softwares.

In the summit, I really liked the keynote talk by Nuritzi Sanchez, President, GNOME Board of Directors, which rightly said that “the future of GNOME is You”  the students, the younger generations. We still need to make more efforts to bring in youth for them to  leverage open source software and projects.

One important question that is obvious and comes to everybody’s mind and was also the question in the summit is “How to raise money by contributing to Open Source?”. Although there are various ways to earn money by using open source projects, In fact, Almost every IT company around the world are earning billions using open source software in their applications, products and services. Being an Asian students where as far as I know, parents bears the cost of complete education I would suggest, a student, rather thinking of start earning money out of contributing to open source they must think earning other benefits out of it that may be even more beneficial for them in their near future. Such as earn knowledge, earn skills, earn relations, earn trust etc..etc. With all these invaluable features they will for sure end up getting a best job or even they can end up opening their own start ups.

Final words: I loved going to GNOME.Asia summit 2017 because I was not shy this time 🙂 I was confident, I was enjoying each and every moment being their, meeting GNOME foundation members and hard working local organizing team members. I must say many thanks!! to GNOME.Asia summit local organizing team.







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