GNOME.Asia Summit 2018

GNOME.Asia Summit 2018 was co-hosted with COSCUP 2018 and openSUSE.Asia Summit in Taipei, Taiwan 11-12 August 2018.


At the conference there were fabulous welcome party, talks by experts, group photo sessions, Bird of Feather (BoF), committee member’s dinner 🙂 and unforgettable one day tour.  It was very well organized and a great conference. As always it was fun to meet Kat, Nuritzi, Max and his sweet wife, Emily, BinLi, Ben, Neil, Mathias, Harris, David king, Jonathan Kang, Eric sun, Siska, Sunny, Estu and open source users from all around the Globe. I also made many new friends namely Ana, Fuminobu TAKEYAMA, Denial, Rania.




Photos Courtesy of: Siska Restu Anggraeny

I was glad to meet Raju from India at the conference. He was the man who provided me with the Internet and his support all the time when I needed it. I would like to say many thanks to Umang Jain who was there all the time with me from take off from and to landing back to India. I enjoyed every moment out there. Many thanks to Max for the wonderful conference. I had to deliver my talk on the second day of the conference. The topic of my talk was “Humanitarian FOSS Projects”. The message that I wanted to deliver is simple. We have open source software to help humanity. GNOME’s accessibility project include software for people with various disabilities such as Orca for visually impaired, mouse trap for physically challenged people since 21 years.  Humanitarian FOSS  is community building project, started by a group of computing faculty and open source supporters in 2006 at Trinity College, Wesleyan University, and Connecticut College. The aim of this project was to make students learn computing by serving society by some or other ways. They work on real cause in a team that help them grow in multi-faceted ways. By working on HFOSS project they know what they are doing, how will it benefit society. That is the driving force for the students to participate in such projects. Students of these universities have contributed to POSIT, GNOME accessibility project, Sahana, InSTEDD, OpenMRS so far. Hope Humanitarian FOSS projects keep helping students learn open source technologies by doing good for the society all over the world and help us to have a better world. sponsored-badge-shadow

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