OPW 2013 – Sixth Round


I applied for OPW 2013 this summer. I came to know about OPW through a mail from a syster friend. Then as a first step I created a nick curiousDTU on IRC using X-Chat and connected myself to the #opw channel on GIMPNet(irc.gnome.org) and the journey started from here. I found so many people there, some were mentors and some were interns like me. Marina Zhurakhinskaya and Karen Sandler were the coordinators of the sixth round. One has to look for the organizations that are providing internships according to their interests and I finally selected GNOME. As I don’t wished to jump to coding straight away, I tried my fate in documentation. Fortunately I met my mentor Ekaterina Gerasimova. She is a great mentor and a perfect teacher. I have learned a lot with her about gnome documentation and using git. As we have to make a small contributions in order to get qualified as an Intern. All the applicants work hard and the gnome applicants search for bugs here and create patches for the bugs. Tedious job indeed but adventurous too. You can view my contributions here till date.
Monday, 27 May 2013 7pm UTC, the day of results came, all the applicants were waiting for their names to be listed as an interns in the respective organizations. I too looked for mine in GNOME Documentation.
OOPs…! it was missing, I got shattered, but all the people out there on #opw consoled me and assured me that I was a strong applicant and would surely get through the next time. Obviously I was totally new to GNOME and open source. One needs time to be a proficient and skilled applicant.
I am getting myself ready for the next round with full swing. wish me luck!!

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